Why come to the Congress?


The ENCATC Congress has been a key moment on my agenda for years. It always provides me with opportunities for confrontationdiscussion, and peer learning but it is also a platform for new ideas and international projects. Over the years, I have made new friendships and alliances, leading me to highly value the ENCATC network, and its work at the international level and making me wish to contribute to it more actively.

Elena Borin,
Associate Professor in Business Administration,
Link Campus University, Italy


At this time in history, we need supportive networks more than ever, providing a safe space to have productive conversations with colleagues. To gain inspiration to deal with the big issues in our sector as well as shared knowledge for practical problem solving. Meeting once again live at the ENCATC Congress will reenergise our commitment to making a difference from our sector on society.

Gerald Lidstone,
ENCATC President, Director of the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE), Goldsmiths, University of London (United Kingdom)


After two years of meeting in the digital sphere, the ENCATC congress in vivo is not something you can miss. It’s a must-attend event. Why? Physical encounters offer much more than the oral program itself. Details are always revealed after lectures, panels, presentations, and sessions. Networking and exchange with peers are best achieved beyond the program when you can physically meet and catch up with people. It is also easier to get personalized feedback on your interventions and project suggestions and discuss possible collaborations on a new endeavour. Face-to-face interactions build memorable connections with new people and confirm those with old friends while new ideas and perspectives are opened.

Dea Vidović,
Director of Kultura Nova Foundation and ENCATC Board Member


“Taking part in ENCATC’s annual Congress over the years has been always an enlightening experience at professional and personal level. Each edition gives the possibility to focus and reflect on pressing matters for the cultural management and policy community, tackling issues from different perspectives and disciplines with the presence of leading and highly specialised speakers. Peer-learning, networking and exchange are a key part of the Congress, allowing to maximise your professional development through new collaborations and personal feedback, and becoming part of a larger community of researchers, educators and practitioners at international level.”

Lluís Bonet,
Director of the Cultural Management Programme at the University of Barcelona


Innovations are successfully applied ideas that cross international borders – be it in markets, habits, cultures or languages. Therefore, management is inherently international – especially in cultural and creative markets. Today, in the midst of post-Covid and wars, globalization is being reinvented and cultural creative international management is being challenged to renew itself.”

Bernd Fesel,
Interim Chief Executive Officer, EIT Culture & Creativity


Presenting the outcomes of my research at the Research Session during the last ENCATC 2020 Congress gave me the chance not only to disseminate it among the cultural policies and management community at international level but also to get feedback from a very specialized audience to improve my future research.”

Cristina Ortega Nuere,
Chief Operating Officer, WLO, Former ENCATC President


I return every year to the ENCATC Congress because I can connect with wonderful colleagues from around the world, hear excellent keynote speakers and panel discussions, and learn about the latest research in the field.

Richard G. Maloney,
Director of the Performing Arts Administration Programme, New York University, United States, and ENCATC Vice-President