Valentina Volpi

Adjunct Professor and Research staff, Link Campus University, Italy

She is adjunct professor in ‘Social Innovation and Transformation Design’ at the Master's Degree in ‘Technologies, Codes and Communication’ at Link Campus University, where she also manages some learning labs about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and on the ideation and presentation of social businesses. Moreover, she teaches Social engagement and Service design at the Master in 'Service Innovation and Digital Transformation'. She applies with students methodologies based on collaboration, learning by doing and project-based learning. Since 2014, Valentina has been conducting research activities at Link Campus University in funded research projects and she has been promoting social innovation initiatives connecting the university with the surroundings. She is the scientific coordinator on behalf of Link Campus University of the Open Factory (Europeaid) and the O-City (Erasmus+) capacity building projects, co-funded by the EU, dealing with sustainable fashion and the orange economy. In the past she collaborated on research projects and activities on ICTs and Human-Centered Design with several research centers, including CATTID (Centre for the Applications of Television and Innovation Technologies in the Digital World) at Sapienza - University of Rome and DASIC (Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center) at Link Campus University. Her research topics are: Social Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking, with a focus on Co-design, UX/Service Design, and Civic media and participation processes in cities and communities. She holds a Master’s Degree in ‘Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism’ with a curriculum oriented on ‘Digital Communication’ (Sapienza - University of Rome) and an Academic Research Diploma in ‘Interaction Design’ (ISIA Rome Design).