Susanne Ådahl

Researcher/Lecturer at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Susanne Ådahl (Ph.D., postdoc, Social Anthropology, University of Helsinki) is currently working as a researcher on cultural heritage issues in a Horizon 2020 funded project in Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Her particular role in the ReInherit projects is to conduct primary research on cultural heritage professionals. Additional areas of interest in the field of cultural heritage management are in community involvement and living intangible cultural heritage. She has previous work experience of working as a researcher at the Helinä Rautavaara Ethnographic Museum in Espoo, Finland. At Arcada she also works as a lecturer in Media Management, Service Design and Cultural Heritage issues. Susanne also has training in Design Management/Service Design from the University of Lapland (2019) and is passionate about conducting research and using ethnographic methods and mindset to create services that people truly need and that help them improve their lives. Strategy work and negotiation skills, active and empathetic listening are areas of interest in relation to development work. She received training in constructive and empathetic listening for mental health work 2018-2021. She has experience of facilitating service design and strategy workshops, as well as providing strategy consultancy services to non-profit organisations.