Seiko Shimura

Associate Professor, Soai University, Japan

Seiko Shimura received a B.A. in musicology from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1999 and a PhD in design from Kyushu University in 2014, then served as a post-doctoral fellow at Graduate School of Kyushu University until 2015, followed as a research associate at Cultural Policy Program of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo until 2017. Her doctoral dissertation was published by Kyushu University Press in 2017 as “Theory of Performing Arts Management : Aiming at Co-creation with Audience”. She is currently working as an associate professor at Soai University. Her current research projects include traditional performing arts conservation and promotion, and arts management education. In recent years, she serves as a member of the expert committee at the Osaka Arts Council, a board member of Japan Arts Management Association, and a member of the executive committee of Fukuoka Early Music Festival. She also served as the director of the Traditional Performing Arts Coordinator Development Program subsidised by the Agency for Cultural Affairs from 2019 to 2021.