Nuria Cortes

Associate Lecturer and E-lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

Nuria Cortes holds a BSc in Business Management and Administration from the University of Navarre, Spain. After her degree studies, she achieved an International Commerce Graduate Course for the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre, Spain. She also obtained her MA. in Leisure Management Projects (culture, sport, tourism, and recreation) at the Institute of Leisure Studies of the University of Deusto-Bilbao where, in 2016, read her Ph.D. in Leisure and Human Development. Her Ph.D. research project studied the different methodologies for measuring and assessing both quantitative and qualitative impacts of major leisure events (culture, sport, and tourism). An extensive bibliographical revision of impact measurement methodologies was carried out and the study was based on a variety of case studies at international levels. Her doctoral journey also included a doctorate stay at the ICCE of Goldsmith, London. From a professional perspective, she has a vast experience working as a Lecturer at Goldsmith, University of London as well as at the University of Deusto-Bilbao. She taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the fields of business, leisure, tourism, and cultural policy. Furthermore, she has been in charge of the organisation and coordination of several field trip projects. Moreover, she have working in research and consultancy projects about leisure, cultural and creative industries and cultural policy at the World Leisure Organisation, and 3Walks Consultancy. In addition to her academic experience, Nuria has an extended experience of organising events, including a range of cultural events. She was Head of events at Dock-Bilbao, a hub belonging to a council building BFF: the first urban ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship located in Bilbao. There, she has managed an integral production of corporate events, workshops, talks, meetings, exhibitions, and networks being one of the promoters of an initiative for networking to entrepreneurs called Speed Meeting. Her research interests include the measurement of qualitative and quantitative impacts/outcomes of the major events, tourism, urban regenerations, and city transformation from a glocal perspective of development projects.