Nansi Ivanišević

Researcher and project manager at Prokultura - Observatory of Cultural policies, Croatia

Nansi Ivanišević, Ph.D., Born 1957, Split, Croatia. Former Minister of Education and Sport and Special Envoy of the President of RC in OIF. Graduated (1981) from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Arts and Letters. In 1999 obtained a Masters Degree in Management of Cultural Projects at the Institute of Political Studies and Observatory of Cultural Policies, Grenoble, France and the doctor´s degree in Culture and Tourism at the University of Zadar, Croatia. Founding member of AF de Split, founder and president of the NGO Prokultura - Observatory of cultural policies – Split. From 2000 to 2020 held various positions in the Public Administration: she was the Head of the Education, Culture, Sport in the deconcentrated bodies, lecturer and cultural policy researcher in the field of Communication Sciences, specialised in Cultural Policy and Education. As author she realized numerous projects, wrote and edited several scientific papers and reviews as well as scientific book Broken mirror; decentralization of cultural policies in the Croatian way.