Marcin Poprawski

Senior Researcher and Lecturer, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan, Poland

Marcin Poprawski is a researcher, expert and teacher in the field of Cultural Management and Cultural Studies. He works at the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan - Institute of Cultural Studies - Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (Poland) and as a senior lecturer at HUMAK University of Applied Sciences (Finland). He is a director of AMU Regional Culture Observatory research centre in Poznan, director of the AMU Audience Development Postgraduate Diploma Program and the leader of the COSM by HUMAK educational module (Culture, Organisation and Sustainability Management): He is an expert of the Association of Polish Cities and of the NU Foundation in Poznan, he is also a guest lecturer at the European University Viadrina (Germany) and the Heritage Academy of the International Cultural Centre & the University of Economics in Cracow (Poland). He has a PhD in musicology & aesthetics.


The territory of his research, teaching, publications, and expert activities belong to the neighboring lands of the arts, culture, aesthetics and organisation. It includes seven main themes: (a) cultural policies and local cultural ecosystems, (b) audience engagement, (c) arts management & creative entrepreneurship, (d) festival management, (e) organisational cultures, symbolism and aesthetics in art, heritage and creative organisations, (f) cultural management and sustainability values.


He was recently involved in several international R&D projects, e.g.: study on audience engagement for the European Commission (Fondazione Fitzcarraldo - Turin) and the E+ Knowledge Alliance project 'Connect. Connecting Audiences in Europe' (University of Deusto consortium - Bilbao) or European Research Partnership on Cultural and Creative Spillovers (ECBN - Rotterdam), as well as other research projects on: Festivalisation of values - axio-normativity of Music Festivals (AMU University of Poznan & National Science Centre) or SMUP - Culture & Public Service Monitoring System (Association of Polish Cities & National Statistics Office).


He was twice elected Vice-president of the ENCATC network in Brussels (2013 -2018), and he is a member of the editorial board of The Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy (Fachverband Kulturmanagement, Germany). In 2016 he was a jury member of the NICE Award (NICE - ECCE, Essen, Germany. Since November 2020 he is one of the 15 members of the European Expert Network on Culture operated by Interarts in Barcelona that serves as the expert advisory group to the European Commission. He acted as a member of the election panel for the ENCATC 2021 Fellowship Award. In 2021 he was elected a member of the scientific committee of the ICCPR International Conference on Cultural Policy Research – the most important biannual gatherings of the international community of cultural policy scholars.


Since 1998 he worked as music manager, he was also a co-founder and a director of the Guitar Academy Festival – an international music festival located every summer since 2007 in over 20 towns of Western Poland. He did an internship in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick (UK) in 2012. He was a guest lecturer at DAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (CZ), JAMU Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (CZ). He was a Deputy Dean of the AMU Faculty of Social Sciences (2016-2019). ;

13:00 - 13:30

20 october 2021 - Day 2

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