Luciana Lazzeretti

Full Professor of “Economics and Management”, Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence, Italy

Luciana Lazzeretti is Full Professor of “Economics and Management” at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Florence.

She is the scientific coordinator of the PhD Course of Development Economics and Local Systems (DELOS), University of Florence and Trento (until 35th Cycle) and coordinator of the curriculum Local systems of the PhD DELOS, University of Florence (from the 36th Cycle). She is the director of the Postgraduate Course in Economics and Management of Museums and Cultural Heritage She teaches “Economics and Management of Sectors and Local Systems” in Master's Degrees in Economics and “Economics and Management of museums” in the Specialisation School of Cultural Heritage, University of Florence.

She is a member of the Board Creativity Association (AUC) Osaka (since 2012) and the Center of European Studies for Local and Regional Development (CESVI) of the University of Florence. She has been Associate Professor concerning technological innovations in art restoration at the Institute of Applied Physics "Nello Carrara" of the CNR of Florence (from 2009-2016).

Her researches focus on competitive analysis focusing on sector/cluster studies and business strategies through a multidisciplinary approach, with qualitative (case studies, innovation biography, ethnography, etc.) and quantitative (statistics, econometric, bibliometric, SNA, ML, etc.) methodologies. She is interested in the evolutionary and competitive dynamics of firms, sectors, districts, clusters, regions, cities, inventors and patents, combining different theoretical approaches such as District Theory, Cluster Theory, Creative Economy, Network Theory, Evolutionary Economic Geography and Economic Complexity.

In the last decade, she has developed a line of studies on cultural districtization processes in cities of art in the field of economics of culture and creativity, producing numerous empirical evidence in Italy and abroad. Her recent research interests concern: the relationship between creative environments and innovation (creative local system) with particular reference to a European perspective; regional policies in support of innovation and technology transfer; networks of SMEs for innovation and technology transfer and the evaluation of innovative projects; the resilience of local systems following external shocks; the relationship between entrepreneurship and cultural and creative industries; the economic complexity through the tools of relatedness; the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and culture. She is the author of over 170 Italian and foreign scientific publications and does intense research and teaching activities also at the international level.

12:05 - 12:40

19 october 2021 - Day 1