Lilian Grootswagers

Advisory Board President, Future for Religious Heritage, Belgium

Lilian Grootswagers is the owner of, she advises governmental institutions, cooperations and private owners in heritage-related issues. She is the author and co-author of multiple publications in the field of heritage. As one of the five Founding members of FRH, she was a council member from 2011-2020. She was the representative of FRH in the structured dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector during the EYCH2018. Since its foundation in 2019, she represents FRH in the European Commission Cultural Heritage Group. She is a member of the European Heritage Alliance founded in 2011. She was Vice-chair of Task Force Toekomst Kerkgebouwen, a national and independent citizen’s movement in the Netherlands aiming to re-establish religious buildings as living elements of the urban and rural landscape and communities.