Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

CHARTER Project Manager, Faculty and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course on International Cultural Cooperation, University of Barcelona, Spain

PhD in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” from the University of Barcelona. He is currently teaching in different Universities and academic programs internationally: He is Lecturer at the Cultural Management Programme of the University of Barcelona, where he is coordinating the Postgraduate Course on International Cultural Cooperation, and the MA in Management of cultural institutions and companies (blended learning version). He is also a faculty member and advisor at Transart Institute (NY-Berlin-Liverpool), and Professor consultant at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) in the MA “Humanities: Contemporary Culture, Literature and Art”. He is the Project Manager of CHARTER (2021-2024), an EU-funded project on cultural heritage skills and competences.

His current lines of investigation involve the subjects of intercultural processes, ecology, participation and mobility in contemporary art and cultural policies, art in public space and the cultural cooperation between different world regions. He has participated in several international conferences and developed projects and research residencies in different countries and world regions.

Herman combines academic research, cultural management, curatorial practices and artistic methodologies, collaborating with a wide range of networks, projects and organizations internationally.