Catalina Jitaru-Potorac

Fashion Designer and Owner, Catalina J, Belgium

Catalina Jitaru-Potorac is the fashion designer and owner of Catalina J brand based in Brussels. After several years of experience as a fashion designer she launched her first women wear collection in 2016 in order to build a strong visual brand identity, dedicated to modern and individual femininity. Catalina J became a brand that stands out through eco-responsible designs, innovative materials, conscious manufacturing and timeless style. Professional textile expert with a solid knowledge of the global fashion industry system, Catalina Jitaru implemented in the last years a business-model based on reuse,
recycling and circularity. Currently specialized in integration of circular practices in the value chain of the textile ecosystem she is also a freelance sustainable fashion consultant which aims to devote her activity supporting and helping different actors across the industry and collaborative structures interested in ethical and sustainable practices.